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There are at least 5000 Hindus living in Chelmsford itself and double the number in the Essex. But there is not even one Hindu Community Centre or a Mandir in Chelmsford or even in ESSEX. Chelmsford Hindu Society is working to fill this gap. The Society put an offer on the above property and the offer has been accepted.

Why Community Centre

A community centre helps community to strengthen its traditions and gives it a chance to exchange cultures. It’s a place to experience and learn meditation, yoga, spirituality, to teach our children about our values and practices, and to be at peace. A place to celebrate traditions and culture. Knowing each other’s culture brings better cohesion by accepting our diverse background. It gives confidence to the community members hence providing for better mental health

Lack of temple deprives Hindus not only of a regular place of worship & meditation but also causes hardship during life events such as Christening, Marriages, Prayer Meeting, upon death in family, Renewal of Vows etc.  

Deities in Mandir

SaiBaba, Shiv Pariwaar with Ganeshji, Ram Sita Lakhsman & Hanuman, RadhaKrishna, Durga Maa, Murugan, Venkateshwara with Bhudevi & Shridevi, Navgraha

Financial Overview

The offer has been accepted at £645,000. 

Funds to be raised for mortgage - £279,250 

Annual Running Cost - £55,000


The Society has raised so far - £115, 000

We need help and support to raise £229,250 in FOUR Weeks.


We need to raise £229,250 to secure the mortgage for the property.

And to do that we need the community to come together from near and far to help raise the funds.

All donations welcome BIG or SMALL . 
Every donation is IMPORTANT and will contribute towards having a Mandir. FOR MORE DETAILED DONATION STRUCTURE VISIT CROWDFUNDING PAGE


For the very first time in Chelmsford, Chelmsford Hindu Society brought Chelmsford Asian Bazaar on 23rd June 2018.

What an amazing day it turned out to be! The weather was in tune too with a very sunny and bright day ahead.

Once the Bazaar was set up and ready for its guests, we had hordes of people coming in from all directions. The Bazaar had various stalls all featuring unique items and services. 

We had a variety of ethnic clothes, ethnic jewellery, ethnic home decor, Tarrot reading, and of course delicious, mouth watering Asian Food stalls.

Many local businesses also put up stalls to promote their services.

Where would an Asian Bazaar be without the Henna tattoo and glitter stall? People of Chelmsford had an amazing time having henna and glitter tattoo done on all parts of the bodies!

Asian Bazaar and no Bollywood, how is that possible? We had a star studded line up for all ages. We ran Art workshops through out the day for the young. We had Bollywood Dance workshop for both young and old and people danced to the tune of top Bollywood numbers.

Not only this our Open Mike was a HUGE success as well with people taking a chance and sharing their inner talents with all.

Last but not least our very own personal touch to the Bazaar was our Selfie Booth. Our representatives armed with the warmth of Asian hospitality, love and enthusiasm,  helped each and every guests of the Bazaar. Guests had great time draping sarees, stalls and various other ethnic costumes.

We had an amazing time and it felt even better when we saw people of Chelmsford enjoying the Bazaar and making it a HUGE success. We will be back again next year . We will be bigger and better and will entertain the community with more love, laughter and Bollywood.