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2022 Calendar and dates for your diary

****  Dates are subject to change based on the availability of hall  ****

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Shri Sanatan Shakti Mandir Puja dates 
for your diary in 2021 

21st Aug 21 - Onam & Rakhi
30th Aug 21 - Janmashtami
11th Sep 21 - Ganeshchaturthi
13th Oct,14th & 15th Oct 21 - Durga Ashtami, MahaNavami & Vijayadashmi
24th Oct 21 - Kerwachauth
6th Nov 21 - Annakoot 


In the light of Corona Virus and its effects, following 
Government Guidlines the Quakers have decided 
to keep the premises closed for the coming weeks. 
The Chelmsford Hindu Society fully supports the decision.
Hence, the Chelmsford Temple Shri Sanatan Shakti Mandir 
will be closed with immediate effect until further notice.
We will continue to update you here with any changes.
Please use the Temple WhatsApp group chat to 
help each other morally and spiritually. In the times of need, 
let's be prepared to help those who need it.
A gentle request to all, please don't suffer alone. 
Share here and one of us will help. 🙏
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.
Meanwhile, please look after yourself and family.
Many thanks
CHS Team🙏

****We are running Meditation Sessions ONLINE for better mental health 
and to cope with Lockdown. Visit our Facebook page: ****

Dates for your diary in 2020

Saraswati Puja - 2nd Feb 2020
Mahashivratri - 21st/22nd Feb 2020
Holi - 8th Mar 2020
Chair Navratri - 28th Mar 2020
Ramnavmi - 4th April 2020
Gurupurnima - 5th July 2020
Krsn Janmashtami - 15th Aug 2020
Ganesh Chaturthi- 22nd Aug 2020
Onam - 30th Aug 2020
Durga Puja - 23rd, 24th and 25th Oct 2020
Diwali/ Annkoot - 15th Nov 2020
Srinivas Kalyanam & Tulsi vivah - 29th Nov 2020
Gita jayanti - 27th Dec 2020
Satyanarayan Katha- Jan 2021

Satyanarayan Katha


Chelmsford Hindu Society's first AGM held on 21st Dec 2019
from 2.00pm to 2.50pm at Quakers Meeting Hall

Durga Puja - 4th Oct - 7th Oct 2019
On Facebook -

Janmashtami - 24th August 2019 


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2019 Puja and Events Calendar 

Puja / Events                                      Date
Satyanarayan Katha -                 1st Jan 2019
Saraswati Puja -                          9th Feb 2019
Shivratri Puja -                           3rd March 2019
Holi -                                            16th March 2019
Durga Ashtami -                         13th April 2019
Ramnavami -                              14th April 2019
Hanuman Jayanti -                    20th April 2019
Ganesh Chaturthi-                     21st April 2019
Mata ki chauki -                        May 2019
Sai chauki -                                 July 2019
Janmashtami -                           24th August 2019
Ganesh Chaturthi -                   21st Sep 2019
Asian Bazaar & Garba                        29th Sep 2019
Durga Puja -                             4th to 7th Oct 2019
Sharad Purnima -                    13th Oct 2019
Kerwa Chauth -                       17th Oct 2019
Diwali -                                     27th Oct 2019
Srinivas Kalyanam -                           9th Nov 2019
Gita Jayanti -                           8th Dec 2019
Christmas Market -                14th/15th Dec 2019


From 19th Oct to 21st Oct 2018 Durga Puja @ Writtle Christian Centre


On 11th Nov 2018 Diwali Celebrations 
with a difference! 
Diwali Puja at Anglia Ruskin University hall followed by 
Ramleela performance by children and 
then we will participate in the Light Parade 
with light lamps created by Chelmsfordians.

Chelmsford Hindu Society is co-hosting Chelmsford Light Parade


On 2nd Sep 2018 Janmashthami Puja


23rd June 2018 Chelmsford Asian Bazaar - 
A fundraising Event
Venue: Central Park

A land mark event for the local community and 
an amazing opportunity for the local businesses to 
promote their products and services.

The  entry is £2 for all, under 3 years go FREE. 

The tickets are available on the gates.

We are running  Open Mike Talent show for
all the talented individuals on the day.
Please book your place and show us your talent.
Its free for all those who have paid the entry.

There are various Workshops 
running through-out the day.

Art workshop – All Day - Paid
Saree draping workshop – TBA - Free
Bollywood Dance workshop – 12.45pm to 1.30pm - Free

We have an amazing guy doing Penny Farthing  performances 
close to the bazaar.

We have an array of stalls selling ethnic FOOD, 
Cloths, Home décor, Henna, glitter tattoos, local businesses etc.

Do join us and have great day outdoors.

Previous Events

Ramnavmi on 25th March 2018

Chelmsford Hindu Society 2018 Events Calendar

For details and if you or a group of people would like to sponsor some Puja 
to mark an auspicious life event or celebrate birthdays please contact us.

Chelmsford Hindu Society 2018 Events Calendar
Date Event
1st Jan 2018 Mon Satyanarayan Katha
14th Jan 2018 Sun Ayyappa Puja
13th Feb 2018 Sat Shivratri
3rd March 2018 Sat Holi

25th March 2018 Sun Ramnavmi
25th May 2018 Fri Ekadasi Aarti
23rd June 2018 sat Nirjala Ekadasi Aarti
28th July 2018 Sat  Sawan Aarti
24th Aug 2018 Fri Onam
2nd Sep 2018 Sun Janmashtmi
22nd Sept 2018 Sat Ganesh Chaturthi Puja/Aarti
13th Oct -14th Oct Sat/Sun Navratri
27th Oct 2018 Sat Kerwa Chauth
10th Nov 2018 Sat Diwali